We believe in human value
and invest in humanity

The main objective of our human resources policy is; choosing the appropriate human resources for the corporate structure of our company and ensuring the necessary training and development activities to create a corporate culture towards competitive advantage .

Our employee profile; human resources open to change and development, high motivation for success, team work with a team spirit, using resources and time correctly, and at the same time having a high sense of social responsibility.

Human Resources
Human Resources

Steps of the Process

Human resources and department managers collaborate in the competency-based selection and placement process to ensure candidates are placed in the right job. The human resources manage the preliminary evaluation process and invite the candidate to the interview. The applicant's institutional appropriateness, suitability of qualifications of the candidate sought to the position are examined. Then the candidate is interviewed with the manager in order to evaluate the candidate's professional knowledge. When the selection process is completed, the result is reported to the candidate.